[China Gift Network News] Gifts are lubricants for people to get along with, no one will reject the temptation of gifts. What kind of year-end gift is the business elite who is in the midst of the unpredictable business world? Lack of new business gifts will make you look a little bit insincere. Ho
In the past, home textile products only met the ordinary living needs of people covering the cold, sunshade, dustproof, bathing, etc. As usual, home textiles together with furniture, craft lighting, handicrafts, carpets and other products have become an important part of the home "soft deco
Generally speaking, as long as a quilt contains more than 30% silk components, whether it is mulberry silk, tussah silk, filament, short silk, natural or artificial silk, it can be collectively referred to as "silk quilt". The use of "mulberry silk cotton pocket", and later t
In the hot summer days, the sun began to break into the bedroom from early in the morning. At this time, if there is no curtain that is both shaded and insulated, it is unlikely that I would like to stay in bed. If you don't want to have too much light to disturb our sleep, you can add a bl
The history of jewellery customization should start from the 18th century, when nobles and celebrities in the upper class in the West chose to match their clothing while letting designers customize their clothes in order to differentiate themselves from the public. Persona