Like Italy's ancient culture, Fei Ge has experienced a very long history of the enterprise. ITALY FIOCCO is a European company focusing on clothing and accessories manufacturing century enterprise, the Italian designer, DEBORA SINIBALDI (De Bonar) from the teacher, working in clothing materia
Recently, the first floor of Dongsheng Road Market of China Textile City, the first floor of East Market, the first floor of Old Market, the first floor of United Market, the third floor of North Market and the first floor of the fourth market of North Market, Partial turnover is relatively active,
"Ladylike ladies " by the famous Italian fashion designer Rosanna Daolio was founded in Florence, Italy in 1968, as the world's leading women's brand "GIADA" founder, the fashion capital of the most outstanding designer, Rosanna Daolio only serve the international commu
This site July 17 hearing, the synonym for the summer of health and vitality, how can wear out this breath? Sports casual dress is no doubt the best choice. Simple sports casual skirts can also wear a different fashion trend. In this hot summer, young rhythms are performed, and the rhythm of youth
Elegant, sweet and romantic - every woman is eager to have a changing temperament. Stylish and elegant design, high-quality and comfortable fabrics, exquisitely tailored, Monrisa dream Lisa to a low-key luxury, showing a pure sweet fashion, creating a coexistence of multiple brand style. Lisa w