What summer 2015 popular ladies Yushizi new women with

Mid-May has entered the summer, the beauty of women are changing their summer wardrobe, always feel the clothes worn before buying is wrong. What style is popular in this summer? Followed the fashion trend of how can you stop it. Xiaobian introduced the following summer with two to see if it is your food.


Top + skirts, women's fashion forever. Pure white shirt is very simple and generous, since the shirt is so simple, it may wish to skirt a more fancy, this is not unexpected at all. Colorful high waist skirt, filled with a stylish atmosphere. Coupled with a pendant, and goddess Van!

2015夏季流行什么女装 尤西子新款女装搭配

The fiery summer of course, have to use the heat of the red also release a bright red silk shirt, a very comfortable fabric, skin zero distance care. Bib overalls always give the impression of a girl next door, but this bib after such a match with less no trace of maturity, gas field is still very full Oh!

Source: Yossi child Women

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