How different types of shirts and styling should be stylish enough?

Has always been no matter whether boys or girls are very popular when wearing a shirt roll sleeves, the fashion industry is also highly recommended such a dress, but how different types of shirts and styling should be stylish enough? Take a look today, is it wrong to roll your sleeves? Sleeves give the impression of being relaxed, so do not roll up your sleeves in the office, which makes you feel uncomfortable. On the contrary, if you are supervisor, do not want to be too nervous when meeting, do not roll your sleeves too high above the elbows. 1. The classic volume method to fold the sleeve up repeatedly, pay attention to keep the left and right alignment with high, this season our new cuff especially in the position of the roll made a particularly large number of design Oh. 2 simple volume method to untie the cufflinks, the volume 2 times later, can be free to roll without deliberately, and then pushed directly to complete. 3 advanced volume method first unbuttoned shirt cufflinks, the cuff folded back directly to the middle of the elbow, then fold the clothes below that fold, and finally revealed a little cuff. The hot weather, properly rolled up your sleeves will allow you to enjoy the cool feeling at the same time to show the type of manhood, but also summer fashion outfit new elements! Welcome to JACK & JONES stores, visit the official shopping platform and a new micro-shopping platform, looking for your cool style!

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