Warm congratulations on the beauty of poetry Guangzhou Panyu Zhongcun new store on June 23 grand opening

Jiyu like fire in June, beauty poetry signing season, from month to month signed one after another 4 franchisees! There is bound to have a contract opening, June 23 finally opened a new store, warm congratulation poems Beauty Panyu, Guangzhou Zhongcun new store grand opening, welcomed the new and old customers come to buy!


Enthusiasm of red balloons, rendering the atmosphere of the new store, I believe a lot of coming and going friends attracted to it. Beauty poetry with simple atmosphere, warm and harmonious decoration style, fashionable and colorful underwear , quickly stand out in many shops, dignified, crowded! And during the opening of the preferential activities are carried out in full swing.


Underwear is a close friend girlfriends, so beauty poetry in the selection of fabrics are particularly important for women to create personal comfort, health and environmental protection underwear. Of course, beauty poetry in style is more ingenuity, the current popular elements and colorful colors blend with each other to create concise, generous, seductive sexy fashion underwear!

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