What color to wear underwear to increase the fun between the deep purple underwear recommended

The newly married couple, always full of fresh life, but once this fresh fade it is easy to have conflicts. When life is boring only in the daily necessities of vinegar and tea, we should give life to a bit different colors, but also to bring fun to the life between husband and wife, then the sweet night of what color underwear can be worn Increase interest? Elegant and romantic deep purple underwear is the best choice.


Every woman in life are inseparable from a suitable underwear, then you want to add something to your husband and wife may wish to try such a dark purple underwear bar. Bra unique lace design is a more mature charm, but the shoulder strap and underwear on both sides of the lace, make you present a kind of petty woman's shy, such a dress must make your other half unmoving.

穿什么颜色内衣增加夫妻间的情趣 深紫色内衣推荐

When night falls, it must be the most serene time alone between you and the two of you. Put on such a light purple sling pajamas, comfortable and transparent fabric, your looming looming, so extreme sexy, it will make you that he bloated it.

Photo Source: Prince of the family underwear

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