Putian "Tong" Celebrate the fun June 1 Tao Tao catching children's first flagship store grand opening!

May 31, 2015 When the June 1 Children's Day approaching, Tao Tao cat's first flagship store grand opening. Mr. Xu Guangyong, Chairman of Amoy Cat Children's Wear Company, representatives of branch offices and brand image consultancy companies jointly unveiled the flagship store. On the opening day, a large number of new and old customers came to visit and appreciated the company's rapid development and brand upgrading. 2015 is Tao Tao cat Tao company to create the first brand-new service upgrade, Tao Tao cat's first flagship store in the chairman of the board under the direction of the layout, on May 31 presented in the perfect image in front of the vast number of consumers . Amoy Amoy cat children's clothing store is located in Xiaoshan Shaoxing Road, Xiaoshan City, the core business circle, covering two floors up and down more than 400 level. Shop planning to locate Xiaoshan preferred children's shopping space, build one-stop service. The first floor is 0-16 years old children's clothing shopping area, the second floor is a children's recreation area, and the customers have been recognized by the excellent value for money products and meticulous service. During the opening ceremony with the festive atmosphere, the value of the activities of the gift makes the arrival of an endless stream of customers shopping, the Amoy cat flagship store opened to fully demonstrate the company is committed to creating the first brand of fast fashion children's determination and style.

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