PET strapping must take the high road to environmental protection

In the future, packing belts must take the road of environmental protection. Nowadays, the number of books packaged by manufacturers in the market are all too low. The packaging belt market is in short supply. The PET strapping is made of polypropylene, mainly because of the chemical and physical properties of polypropylene. Since polypropylene is an accessory product of petroleum, the price will be largely influenced by the price of oil. The environment-friendly packing belt is not filled with any filling and impurities. At the same time, the environment-friendly packing belt can be used after crushing and pumping.
In general, many common low-cost packaging tapes contain dozens of percent of fillers. This low-cost packaging tape has only a thin layer of polypropylene material that is slightly better, but this inexpensive packaging tape is in use. Can not be recovered afterwards. Therefore, from the perspective of long-term and environmental protection, it is inevitable that the production and extensive use of environment-friendly high-grade packaging tapes and step-by-step replacement of the core-packing belts are inevitable.
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