Experts reveal: the real cause of different colors of beeswax

Since ancient times, beeswax has been loved by royalty, nobles, collectors, and people all over the world. It has not only been used as a decoration, neck ornaments, etc., but also because of its mysterious strength, it has been praised by differences. It is a blessing of ornaments and religions used by the royal family in the past, which gives the wearer and collectors unparalleled luck and wealth. Therefore, Europe has a saying of "millennium amber, million years of beeswax". In this century, beeswax has set off a global craze, and the value has risen from time to time. The texture and glamour of beeswax is comparable to diamonds and jade. Its mysterious power and spirituality are not available in other jewellery. It is the most beautiful and precious jewel. Although in history, humans have discovered and applied beeswax very early, but the understanding of the beeswax and its origins is very limited, and some of the cognition is basically wrong. The beeswax has always been covered with a thick layer. veil. Until modern times, modern sciences such as chemistry, physics and geology were carried out, and human beings used their scientific knowledge and wrists to uncover the mystery of beeswax.


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According to the color, the beeswax can be divided into white beeswax, white beeswax, lemon yellow beeswax, goose yellow beeswax, yellow beeswax, chicken yellow beeswax, brown beeswax, maroon beeswax, jujube beeswax. Why are there so many colors of beeswax? The color of the beeswax is determined by many factors:

In China, there have been several different titles since ancient times and today, such as tiger clam, amber, pe, beeswax, jade, jiangzhu, ton, yuppie and red rosin, among which there are also central and periodical points. . But today, beeswax and amber refer to different minerals. The waxy mineralization years are more than 20 million years to 100 million years, while the amber of the Baltic Sea is only 4 to 5 million years old.


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4 major elements to determine the color of beeswax


Lemon yellow beeswax rosary

1. The difference in geothermal temperature is buried in the open. In the process of tens of thousands of years, the temperature of geothermal heat is different, and the color of the constituent beeswax is different.


Dark chicken yellow wax

2. After the wax is unearthed, it will be oxidized in the air. If it is in contact with the body's oil for a long time, it will promote its oxidation. The oxidation is carried out from the surface to the inside. From the surface to the inside, it will gradually oxidize, with the deepening of oxidation. In general, the color of the beeswax is deeper from time to time. For example, the yellow wax is gradually turned into chicken yellow beeswax, followed by brown yellow beeswax, then brownish beeswax, as the oxidation deepens. Then there is the jujube beeswax, of course, there are also special ones, such as white beeswax, the oxidation is deepened, it will not make its color become very deep, still white.


Brown yellow beeswax

3, buried in the open, the difference in minerals in the soil, will also produce different colors of beeswax.


Maroon old wax

4, the difference in tree species, the resin dripping from different tree species, the color of the beeswax after petrification is different.

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