How to wear men's suits do not like to sell the insurance have the character of the new men

Suit is a lot of men must wear to wear clothes in the workplace in the city of white shirts and black suits must be very common, but the suit is not always wear people have a feeling of insurance, and then The texture of the clothes will not wear so it will become very low, and now follow the Xiaobian to see the new character wear men wear it, dress should wear this way can be stylish and eye-catching. Suit + shirt must be decent and timeless with such a navy suit, the outside is the dark color of the Department so the shirt inside can point color, it will not appear too monotonous, the choice of pants above Do not be immutable, to pieces a little color, so you wear clothing out of their own fashion Fan. Such a gray dark suit, which a pink long-sleeved shirt, this is not wearing such a gentle elegant sense of gentleman, of course, has such a blouse that our pants on the election of the dull, dark Pants with your fashion taste is self-evident. Character men's new autumn and winter market, more high-quality new products for your purchase.

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