Jeans with what shirt with jeans look good

Fashionable women's wardrobe will inevitably be a piece of denim, because of its super-wild and become the focus of the annual fashion, no matter how the fashion changes, jeans are tide people's favorite, if you do not know what to wear today, Then you may wish to choose a pair of jeans, casual collocation can release a very eye-catching light.


A high waist jeans nine pants, want to build tall, thin figure of the sister paper should be the most suitable choice, tight denim fabric can help you will be hip, leg curve is very smooth shape, the waist The multi-grain breasted design, not only make wearing more convenient, but also play a decorative role, with a striped strapless T-shirt, very sexy taste Oh.

牛仔裤搭配什么上衣 牛仔裤怎么搭配好看

Although the low waist sexy, but not everyone likes, high waist though look good, but the body of the high demand, so the waist is the most popular and most comfortable wearing the style. An ordinary waist jeans, with a black net yarn and silver silk to create the bottoming shirt and bright leather jacket, it is particularly handsome cool, stylish, used to the lady style, and occasionally play this locomotive wind is good.

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