Buy tourmaline, watch out for beauty dyed tourmaline

Compared with diamonds and jadeites, the colored gemstone market has been selling well in the past two years, and the tourmaline has sprung up everywhere. The price has quadrupled in two years. However, the market price is confusing. The reporter visited the market and found that in antique cities and jewelry stores, you can buy dozens of variegated tourmaline bracelets, large particle tourrs of thousands of yuan per gram, and high-end tourmaline jewelry that exceeds the price of diamonds. Industry insiders reminded that tourmalines are not easy to realize, only a few varieties have collection value.


Tourmaline, the name of tourmaline, is electromagnetic, with more than a dozen colors such as red, green and purple. It is known as a rainbow gem. The reporter recently visited major shopping malls and stores, and found that the tourmaline, which used to be a supporting role for diamonds, has been made into pendants, rings, bracelets, etc., and has appeared in multiple counters. The price has quadrupled in two years.

According to a jewelry appraiser, there are more people who have been identified for tourmaline than before, and many of them are purchased on the road. Not long ago, Mr. Yang, who returned from Yunnan Tourism (joining the stock selection and participating in the simulated stocks) (002059), bought three strings of variegated tourmaline bracelets, which he said was highly recommended by the tour guides and cost a total of more than 9,000 yuan. At first glance, the three bracelets have a variety of rare tourmalines such as Cat Eye Bi, Red Bi, Green Bi, etc., but after identification, they are all synthetic products, which are fakes made of glue and color, only worth 20 yuan.

"In addition to the colorless tourmaline added color injection, there are some businesses that use glass and fluorite to fake the tourmaline." An industry insider said that under the driving of interests, tourmaline's counterfeiting methods are endless, and crystal bursting is a means of fraud. one. According to experts, because the price of crystal and agate is relatively low, and the price of tourmaline is relatively expensive, some unscrupulous traders often use crystal and agate to imitate tourmaline. The method of falsification is to first heat the crystal and then quickly put it into the low-temperature dye water of different colors. The crystal bursts due to thermal expansion and contraction, so that the color of the dye is immersed in the crack of the crystal.

Industry insiders reminded that if the color of the “Bixi” is gradually faded from the outside to the inside, consumers can basically conclude that it is a fake. Of course, some of the colors of the imitation tourmaline have been completely saturated, and there is no change in the color depth. At this time, it can be identified by the fact that the internal color is completely distributed along the crack. In addition, the cracks inside the natural tourmaline are irregularly distributed, while the cracks inside the pseudo tourmaline are relatively evenly distributed.

“Bixi is not like the more popular varieties such as jade and jade. It is only a relatively small collection of investment products. Its main purpose is to decorate and beautify. Compared with diamonds and gold, it is more difficult to realize.” An industry insider said. . In recent years, the development of tourmaline mineral deposits is limited, coupled with business speculation, public follow-up, prices are pushing all the way, the future market is difficult to predict. Therefore, the collection of tourmalines must choose rare varieties, such a tourmaline has a collection value, and there will be opportunities for circulation in the future. As for the purchase of cicada's cheats, it is "three look": one looks at the degree of color, the second is to see the purity of the color, and three to see if there is a certificate of authentic identification.

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