Eternal color brand women's classic interpretation of the new and traditional

European romantic elements as the main body of the design, with exquisite handmade art and retro elegant flower design, a reproduction of the European 16th century French court luxury and romantic lifestyle through the combination of modern design techniques of popular concepts, the perfect fashion The deduction.


A combination of culture and fashion, the combination of aesthetic and practical, emotional and intellectual integration, in a cordial way to express relaxed, soft, the appearance of the emotional has become more perfect, giving a caring, soft, warm and delicate , Fluffy, romantic and relaxed elegance. Experience the exchange of emotions and pleasure to convey the intellectual status of urban intellectuals and cultural tastes.

永恒颜色品牌女装 对经典与传统全新演绎

Eternal color , full of spiritual world, classic is the starting point of imagination gallop.

The heart of freedom and passion is to achieve the ideal of wings, experience the fun of continuous attempts and beyond, creative design allows consumers to enjoy the ubiquitous surprise, a new interpretation of the classic and traditional.

Birkenstock Shoes:

Birkenstock shoe was invented by Johann Adam Birkenstock about 200 years before, now it is a kind of famous shoes or Sandals for its special footbed sock. The footbed is designed according to human being the feet with an arch in the middle to attach well to the feet, and it is very comfortable. After that, Birkenstock sent out the idea of flexible arch support shoe and was so popular by that time. Moreover, its outstanding character is the mid-sole made with cork, for the idea that cork material is soft and whippy. However, Birkenstock shoe is one kind of casual sandals, it can be close toe sandals, open toe sandals, or one-bar sandals. It is a kind of professional shoes. Sometimes it is designed like slides shoes, it can be made with different materials, different colors but metal buckles bling bling. It is not so suitable for formal occasions. But people can take it relax as beach sandals.   

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Birken Stocks

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