Century Singles "city shoot off" SWJEANS lead the fashion trend in Rongcheng

November 11, Fuzhou Financial Street Wanda Plaza American tide brand SWJEANS Fuzhou Wanda flagship store is still open. The day 55 international male models, 111 "shoot off" up to many people in Fuzhou, beauties, witnessed nearly a thousand square meters of Fujian's first flagship store SWJEANS debut. Cool, this is the most meaningful Singles Day I spent! "The interviewee Chen Chen Said. This time, SWJEANS chose "take off the whole city" as the theme of the opening, the integration of the nowadays young sought after Singles element. In the afternoon, a fabulous flashlight show, performed by one hundred famous people, staged in front of the SWJEANS flagship store at Wanda Plaza in Financial Street. Stylish hip-hop accompanied the dynamic music and attracted many passers-by to watch. The opening of the evening 19:00 SWJEANS can be described as a feast Rongcheng fashion industry. Ribbon-cutting guests and 55 topless international male models for the SWJEANS flagship store in Fuzhou Wanda still cut the color, followed by the 111 "Pita people" with SWJEANS costumes successfully turned point also attracted the audience surprise . The event also specially invited black bands from across the ocean to perform on-site performances. Free and casual style blends the rich voice to lead the audience to enjoy the authentic Southern California style music and bring the opening party to a climax. To SWJEANS Fuzhou Wanda flagship store visit experience, the interview guests said: "It is not so much to say shopping in the enjoyment of a young man is the most free way of life. Unique decorative style, patchwork of lights staggered projection, Stylish graceful background music, handsome, sexy celebrity clerk, together with the fragrance filled with eau de toilette, giving a fantastic multi-sensory enjoyment, feels like entering a space full of sexy and exotic. "Reporters on-site experience of SWJEANS The brand charm SWJEANS is a "sunshine, vitality, speed" three fashion DNA clothing brand. SWJEANS flagship store uses a unique five-sense experience, leading a new consumer experience clothing consumption model. Into the shop California beach perfume on the face, the store's lights and music seems to be into a vibrant nightclub; colorful costumes, washed fade silky touch, showing the atmosphere of American nostalgic life; full experience To the sunshine, vitality and speed of the American casual style, through a new all-round "five sense of stimulation" as the theme to create a store atmosphere. SWJEANS is designed for young people who want to live a free and open lifestyle with a keen eye for fashion and personal indulgence, and the brand creates a unique space for these shrewd, energetic young people. SWJEANS set sail in the banyan ornate against the background of fireworks, the night of the SWJEANS flagship store is bright and dazzling. SWJEANS flagship store in Fuzhou Wanda is still open, it is only the gorgeous sail SWJEANS Yung, the coming days, it will become the more stylish men trendy vane.

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