"Let's leak" to open a store to make money

[China Glass Network] Now walking on the street, there are many shops everywhere, and the competition is fierce. People feel more and more strongly that it is difficult to make money. If you follow the trend and do not have your own characteristics, it will be even harder to make money. Conversely, if you are good at analysis and take a different approach, and rely on the popularity of successful shops to make money-making “hermit crabs”, then distance is not far away. This kind of "hermit crab" business method can be called "small leak" to open a shop.

Many people have visited the “IKEA” home in Shanghai, but not everyone has noticed that there are plenty of business opportunities in the flow of people coming and going from “IKEA”. Next to "IKEA" there is a small shop that sells home furnishing supplies, where the business is booming and eye-catching. As everyone knows, his boss was once a frequent visitor to “IKEA”, but while she was enjoying the exquisite home, she saw the business opportunities that were hidden and not yet explored. It is conservatively estimated that IKEA has a flow of one to two thousand people every day, so that a small number of people stop in a hurry, which is a considerable amount. The smart shop owner decided to take a share of the "IKEA" crowd.

After analysis, the owner decided to open a small shop that sells home decoration products. Most of the people who go to "IKEA" are to purchase furniture and household items, and they are also the customers that small stores need. Instead of using other methods and making great efforts to attract customers, it is better to take the ride of “IKEA”, which can save a lot of pre-publicity promotion expenses and quickly have its own customer base. However, in the same way as “IKEA”, it is natural to develop strengths and avoid weaknesses and give play to the advantages of small stores. For example, to win at a low price, to be known for unique products, or to make more articles on some gadgets, so that you have no me, you have me new.

At present, many home furnishing products are increasingly equipped with natural materials, high grade, easy to use, environmentally friendly and pollution-free. In order to adapt to this feature, the shop chose the grass and willow products at the beginning, and it was quickly welcomed by consumers. Later, as needed, we added flowers, vases, etc., and the variety of goods became more abundant.

Because "back to the big tree of IKEA", so business hours should be consistent with it. "IKEA" is open from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, and this small shop is also open at 10:30, and is open until 9:30 in the evening.

Opening revelation

“Let's enjoy the coolness under the big tree”. With the exuberant popularity of others, a small shop with the same similar and specific business content is opened next to it, which is the same as the target customer group of Dadian, but does not compete directly with it. Specially leaking children, naturally do not business. For example, next to a Western-style fast food restaurant with a booming business, open a Chinese fast food restaurant.

In addition, you can also "drag your child" from time to time - staggering business hours and big stores to avoid their sharpness and ignoring their omissions; from the difference in customer base, "defective" - ​​you are targeting high-end customers, I Just for other levels of customers that you missed, and so on. In short, as long as you use your brain to find another way, you can easily make money by missing out!

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