Six major stunts with eunuch marketing

[China Glass Network] Content Description: As a marketing person, to become a marketing elite, to maintain the concept of continuous learning, multi-party learning is one of the secrets. Here, continuous learning is to insist, so how do we learn from which aspects? In fact, from the eunuch, the marketer can learn a lot of valuable things, such as the following friend told the e-supervisor marketing, six stunts!

Since ancient times, eunuchs have been a special group, not only because of their special physiological characteristics, but also because of their unique work nature and living environment. After careful consideration, you will find that the eunuch's ability and quality in interpersonal communication, anticipation, and analysis of the environment are much higher than ordinary people. While sighing that some eunuchs are guilty of crimes, they are able to withstand extraordinary things, and they can also realize some valuable skills and qualities from them. I think these are the missing of many current marketing people, and it is necessary for marketers to learn from the eunuch. What are you learning from them? Some friends have already made a detailed summary of this, and let's take a look at the world's factory network Xiaobian.

Self-study - active learning, continuous improvement

The eunuchs used to sneak into the palace all day long, and they all instinctively smashed all kinds of sinister political struggles and cruel rights games in the palace. They also instinctively learned a set of black minds that are beyond ordinary people. Auntie greets, slaps the horse, sees the wind and turns the rudder and so on. Self-protection "out of school." The skills acquired by this self-study have laid the foundation for their future success.

Marketers can learn from the quality of active learning and continuous improvement. Marketers have to deal with a wide variety of customers, and their interests, hobbies, habits, and concerns are also different. Marketers must have extensive knowledge to find a common language with each other in order to be speculative. Therefore, marketers need to understand the world, read a lot of books, communicate with people from all walks of life, constantly ask for, learn, develop the habit of active learning, and exercise the ability to learn quickly. In addition, more understanding of the historical geography and cultural characteristics of the five lakes and the sea, familiar with the customs and customs of the areas in charge, will help communicate with customers.

More importantly, marketers need to have expertise and marketing skills. Today is not an era of "running the rivers and lakes", sales people can not rely on "playing the mouth" to win orders. They must have professional skills, such as product knowledge, sales skills, customer psychology, distribution strategy, dealer management, channel development, terminal promotion, market operations, customer negotiations and other aspects of knowledge and ability to effectively face market challenges, Experience all kinds of situations and deal with them freely.

The market is changing, the products are being updated, and the sales staff must actively learn and improve themselves in order to achieve excellent performance.

Good words and good deeds - strong communication and good at negotiation

The eunuch screamed in front of the monarch and patted the horse, and he was very fond of the master. They are constantly observing and observing people's hearts; they are good at admonishing, their expressions are just right, their body language is rich, and they have strong communication skills; when necessary, they also give advice to the master, and try to let the master listen to his opinions and adopt his Suggestions to achieve some of your own goals.

From the perspective of the marketer, it is a strong communication and good at negotiation. Marketers often need to sell their ideas, plans, and strategies to their subordinates and customers. Good communication skills are a good way to win support from others. Practice tells us that many of the problems in marketing are caused by poor communication.

Success begins with cooperation, cooperation begins with trust, trust begins with understanding, and understanding begins with communication. In the process of communicating with customers, it is essential to directly attack the key words, convincing eloquence, observe and observe, and skillfully handle the skills; in addition, rich body language and expressions are also indispensable for infecting customers, gaining trust and facilitating cooperation. basic skills.

Review the situation - insight into the market, analysis of trends

Because the eunuch is in a political environment where the embarrassment is inflicted, the cruel and sinister surrounding environment forces them to profoundly analyze the situation in the palace, judge the influence of various forces, and judge the situation to develop strategies that are conducive to their own survival and development. If necessary, choose the main thing. Look for the future.

Marketers must also have the quality of reviewing the situation, that is, insight into the market and analysis of trends. Today's competition has entered a period of intense heat, the market environment is increasingly complex, and consumer preferences have been changing. Such a situation requires marketers to analyze the market competition environment, grasp the future development trend of the accurate market, and gain insight into consumer preferences to make correct sales judgments.

The time-of-day situation can be broken down into four capabilities: insight, analysis, judgment, and resilience .

Marketers must have the ability to have deep insight into the market environment. By observing, investigating and sometimes relying on inspiration to discover market opportunities, accurately grasping customer needs, knowing what customers want and what they want, and thus stand out in the market competition. Marketers often need to choose dealers. When setting up dealers, they must always choose the best, and check their various indicators. The difference between dealers is great. Choose good dealers, for product sales and brand communication. There are important influences, so the marketer must have the ability to judge the quality of the customer.

The market and customers are always changing, and the salesperson's ideas and methods must keep pace with the times and change. In addition, due to the autonomy of sales work, various possible situations are unpredictable, such as unexpected events, customer conflicts, and other occasions, sales personnel must also adapt to different situations according to different situations.

Careful service - sincere service, customer satisfaction
The eunuch's duty is to serve the emperors and nobles. They act dexterously and do their best to serve the master, and they have won the heart of the master. After becoming the confidant of the master, it is the beginning of the birth. Eunuchs who are not trusted by the master can never be in this life.

Being careful to serve the Lord and satisfying the master is one of the important characteristics of the eunuch. For marketers, the master refers to both the company and the company's customers. Marketers should be aware of the importance of dedication and sincerity in serving the business and customer. No matter what you do, if you are not sincere, it is difficult to succeed. As a salesperson, we must have a sincere heart, treat customers with sincerity, treat companies and colleagues so that they can be trusted and respected by them. Marketing personnel are also representatives of corporate image. The embodiment of corporate culture is the key point for enterprises to connect with society, consumers and partners. Its words and deeds will directly affect the image of the company. Therefore, marketers must maintain a sincere attitude towards the company, provide sincere service to customers, and achieve greater customer satisfaction.

Today's companies sell not only products, but also services, and even new profit growth points are services. Think of what customers think, worry about customers, deeply understand the needs of customers, design effective services on this basis, and provide customers with all-round services in the marketing process and after sales, in order to truly Establish customer loyalty.

Be good at thinking - positive thinking, seeking innovation
The eunuchs who are high-ranking and high-powered are very good at trying to figure out, and their understanding is extremely high. Starting from their despicable position, they have tried their best to create new ways to discuss the joys of the Lord. Some are good at charm, offering antiques, making calligraphy and painting; some are deep and thick black techniques, lifting the bar to shoot horses; some gradually comprehend a set of worldly extinction, alliance, and dissident.

Marketers also need to be good at thinking, thinking positively and seeking innovation.

The key to doing marketing is to rely on "savvy". Where does the savvy come from? From the moment. There are two main abilities to try to figure out: summing up ability and innovation ability.

Summary skills include a summary of marketing expertise and a summary of work experience. In a period of 7 years, from a business novice to a sales manager with a sales of 700 million yuan, the sales manager said that there are two types of sales staff: do and do not do; sales staff It is divided into two types: serious and coping; the sales staff who are serious are divided into two types: after the summary and after the summary. Later, the sales staff in the world had success and failure. The former category succeeded and the latter category failed. It can be seen that in addition to the marketing work attitude, the importance of summing up.

In the current market environment, most of the enterprises that have been eliminated are enterprises that lack innovation. The outdated marketers cannot keep up with the pace of the market. The market situation is ever-changing, and the marketing model is becoming more and more similar. If marketers want to be invincible in the market, they must have the ability to innovate beyond others, so that their products, channels, ideas and strategies can be homogeneous. Stand out in the market.

Li Wei's momentum - integrated communication, expanded influence
After the powers of the famous eunuchs in history, they managed to control the DPRK, eradicate dissidents, kill one hundred and one hundred, set up their own minions inside and outside the ruling and opposition, establish prestige, and create power with various disturbances, thus making the civil and military arrogant.

The establishment of the eunuch's Liwei has similarities with the marketing staff's integration of communication to expand the brand's influence. With the emergence of many emerging media, the channels and methods of marketing communication are becoming more diverse. How marketers use a diversified approach to spread product brands and corporate image is something that needs to be considered. Marketers should integrate various marketing communication methods and use all opportunities to promote corporate image and promote their own brands. A kind of media, the impact of a period of time is limited, through a variety of media, long-term continuous dissemination will produce a word-of-mouth chain effect, resulting in brand awareness and reputation. At the same time, marketers also need to consider the “overlay effect” of brand promotion, that is, when the product sales are in good condition, we must increase the brand's propaganda; when choosing the medium, we must also consider the complement and superposition of multiple media. To form a synergistic effect of the mode of communication so that the coverage of the promotion is as large as possible and the publicity effect is as good as possible. The effective and comprehensive application of such multiple methods will greatly expand the influence of products, enterprises and brands.

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