Diana's wedding materials will enter Shanghai in next month

The same materials used by Diana as the wedding gown were expected to enter Shanghai's ordinary home next month. The author learned from the Suzhou Wujiang Silk Association that a taffeta known as the “Tower King” will be located in East Nanjing Road, Shanghai. The finished silk products designed by Donghua University’s School of Clothing will gradually take the “civilian” stance. Into the Shanghai market.

The Shengze City of Wujiang City, which was established as a town, is also known as the “Four Silk Capitals” together with Suzhou, Hangzhou, and Huzhou. Shengze Silk, which is as light as smoke and soft as water, has always been favored by literati, visitors, and fashion crowds. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, Shengze was the place with the largest number of looms. Since the 1980s and 1990s, Shengze silk exports accounted for almost one-sixth of the country's total. It is the country's finest silk production base. However, with the strategic adjustment of the textile industry and the rise of the chemical fiber industry, the Wujiang silk industry was once caught up in the dilemma of “flowering walls outside the wall”. The development of the domestic market was slow, and it was hard for Shanghai’s silk industry to come from the “silk capital”. Sri Lanka."

However, this situation is expected to change. The author learned from the Wujiang Silk Association that the “Yuanjiu” (previously Suzhou “Shang Jiukan” yarn satin shop) originated from a hundred-year-old brand will soon be held in Nanjing next month. Donglu has set up counters to promote a variety of traditional silk products. Wu Jianhua, Vice Chairman of the Wujiang Silk Association and Chairman of Dingsheng Silk Co., Ltd. Wu Jianhua introduced that one of the taffetas, known as the "Tower King," is of splendid color and delicate texture, and was used as a wedding dress material for Princess Diana in 1981. After Wujiang produced taffeta into the Shanghai market, the sales price was only one-tenth that of European products. At present, traditional Wujiang silk raw materials have formed a series of products such as jacquard home textiles, silk apparel, bags, scarves and other products. The products are sold to Europe, the Americas, Japan, and South Korea. Past pure production-oriented national brands began to move toward weaving and finished products. One-stop brand development.

Since 2010, with the intensification of the global financial crisis and the transformation and upgrading of the silk industry, the Wujiang silk industry has begun to try to “move both inside and outside” and “upstream” upstream from the industry. Many sensitive enterprises have increased the “layout” of the Yangtze River Delta. “For example, We borrowed brains from Donghua University and hired experts to participate in fabric development, brand marketing, and finished product design.” Wu Jianhua said that the silk fabrics in the fabric library of Donghua University’s School of Clothing are all provided by their own companies. At the show, they will be able to see Wujiang's brand fabrics.” In the next step, they also plan to hold wedding Silk Dress shows in Shanghai all year round.

It is reported that the high-end home textile brand "Romance Family", which was involved in the design of "Shanghai Think Tank," and "Shangjiu Long", which was rooted in the Guangxu years at the long time, will be expected to enter Shanghai's ordinary people's home next month.

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