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Hangzhou Ai Sier Garments Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Hong Kong Laisi Yi International Co., Ltd., the company is located in the world-famous West Lake - the beautiful Hangzhou City, is a design, production, marketing and logistics as one Apparel companies, supplemented by shoes, leather goods, jewelry and other related products.


The company's "LES EVA" brand around the harmony between man and nature in the design and development of apparel, advocating the practicality with the costumes, aesthetics and fun, creativity, emphasizing the self-fashion in nature and personality harmony. Products mainly cotton, silk, fiber, feel soft and delicate, comfortable to wear, with the color followed closely and natural harmony. Through the overall mix and show the beauty of women to create the passion and dynamic life, the target consumer group positioned at the age of 25-38 years old.

莱丝伊娃品牌女装 缔造生活的激情与动感

Laisi Yi philosophy: people-oriented, unlimited communication, quality-oriented, the pursuit of excellence Laisi Yi's core values ​​of "honesty humble attention to responsibility"

The jacket is made from the softest sheepskin, giving you a beautiful outer finish, which has been dyed to produce a lovely, two-tone shaded effect. The jacket is rust coloured in appearance, the slightly darker shade giving real elegance to your outfit through the autumn and winter, whether you're smart or casual. The inside of the jacket is lined with luxurious sheep`s wool throughout, giving a luxurious and cosy feeling.As well as the longer length, the Ella jacket has all the classic styling you would expect from a flying jacket. It has an attractive brass zip, set asymmetrically, which gives you options of how to wear the jacket – fully open, partially zipped for an attractive v-neck style, or fully fastened for extra warmth on those very cold days. There are two easy access front pockets, and an inside zipped front pocket so you can carry your valuables with you safely. The cuffs can be turned back, revealing the luxurious wool inner. 

Fur Lining Leather Coat

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