European charm Purcell women really build a woman overjoyed

Life is like wine, wine, such as life: women are like wine, wine is like a woman.

OMSER, in the spring is a glass of what kind of wine?

Women, such as wine, wine, such as a woman. Whether the color is cool and transparent champagne, or the color of the deep red and brown, are brought a bit mysterious and temptations, just as a woman's elusive mind; and that bubbling bubble and white hops, it is the dreamy and romantic women Thoughts. Its name is Champagne.

Women, such as wine, wine, such as a woman. Clear and slightly pure grass with a clear yellowish color, fresh and light through the fruit flavor, like a teenager beautiful, lovely girl, pure and slightly Sentimental, like the light shining through the leaves of the sun warm and sweet, like rain After the rainbow dazzling, clear and transparent. A good cup of fresh beauty.

Women, such as wine, wine, such as a woman. Dark blue in the dark, mellow taste, slightly bitter and slightly coke incense, like the three or four-year-old mature, elegant and elegant woman, quiet and gentle and microstrip publicity, such as quiet night, dark blue sky, sparkling Venus Silver-colored lakes echo each other, all-encompassing, wonderful. This is the polar night sky.


In the push of the great wheel of the era, the role of women in society has quietly changed. Many of the social responsibilities that belong to men are more replaced by women, and in the cities like more and more women we disguise ourselves as "neutral".

But is this what they want? It is exactly in the flood of the times that Oufu Purcell was born. It was born elegant and romantic retro European luxury women's clothing style, through the washing of individual colors, exquisite embroidery, drape flat drape, wrinkled and so dense dense court-style design, so that every one dressed in Oufu Purcell Woman reclaims the true essence of her heart, thus triggering the innermost thirst for the most vulnerable of his heart: the woman is generous.

欧魅赛尔女装 真正打造绰媚的女人

The world is the fastest-growing era of mankind and women's role will also be replaced. With the changing of the women's inner needs, they are the market opportunities we have found. Through the satisfaction of this opportunity, Is the value of the European Mercer Purcell. We have already seen the wide market in front of us through practical experience. We sincerely invite you to join us to discover "Blue Ocean" together to create this "women" career.

欧魅赛尔女装 真正打造绰媚的女人

OMSER market-oriented design concept innovation, is a unique combination of personality and broad commonalities, is the best combination of culture and arts and market economy; OMSER main features of the current fashion, feminine, sophisticated, simple, women's The pursuit of high quality of life, so that women like OMSER successful find her own personal qualities, regardless of age, shape.

With the arrival of the era of economic globalization, OMSER will develop in a relaxed and natural way internationally. With a natural attitude, OMSER interprets fashion and shines life in a calm and natural manner.

Custom Trophies
Custom trophies are always used as awards for a specific event, game or competition. 
We are a 12 years' manufacturer of custom trophies, and can help you creat the trophy you want professionally. 

Item Name: Custom Trophies

Material Options: Stainless Steel, Zinc Alloy, Copper, Silver, Gold.
Size: Customized.
Accessory: customer specify

1) Firstly, you give us an existing sample, or send us the artwork in vector formats, like .stp / .igs / .dwg / .max .
2) We do Molding / Tooling, accoring to your artwork
3) We do Die casting
4) We do Polishing
5) We do Plating colors, according to your artwork
6) We do Filling colors (if there are)
7) We do Surface Protection: exposy or not

8) We do Packing.

9) We do Shipping to you, or to your customer.

Packing options: poly bag, bubble bag, velvet bag, wood box, or other customized methods.

Production time: 10 to 15 days.

Price: above us$100 each piece, depending on your design, quantity and requirements.

Payment Terms: Western Union, Bank Wire, PayPal.

Shipping methods: airfreight, seafreight, DHL / FedEX / UPS / TNT / Aramex door to door service.

Custom Trophies

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