Cherry Babe children's clothing brand to give children a colorful childhood

Committed to become China's first professional baby out of service brand cherry Babe has been constantly breaking himself, each season will be introduced with the previous style of different styles of fashion lead the baby's fashion dress. Cherry Babe spring summer baby clothes "Give Children a colorful childhood" is the eternal design concept of cherry Babe children's clothing brand. Cherry Pui Pui pursuit of the most basic health and safety requirements of baby clothing, but also pay attention to the chic style styling prominent, from a full range to meet the current wave of tide tide mom requirements. Cherry Beibei advocating love, from the human design and production, reflecting every employee, every process carefully crafted, always put the child's health first, cotton fabrics, environmental dyes and printing . During the production process, we strive to make our children feel our humane service and love all the time! Let the cherry bebe with the children health together

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we can make the citronella candle with 3% or 5% citronella oil as customer's choose 

different customer request different ,but for the candle shape we can make as customer's request 

if you have any design of the citronella candle shape,pls kindly inquiry to us 

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