Chinese costumes for the string music, hi hi bird playing national cultural brand rhythm

"Cultural accumulation of the brand, to art connotation, to conclude the quality of technology" is the cornerstone of a century-old brand of good news. In recent years, the use of brand interpretation of the dimension, the good news birds continue to demonstrate the pursuit of quintessence of culture and respected, hope that the national fine soul in the brand to be extended and spread, continued to become the Chinese nation to create their own luxury brands. It is precisely because of this desire that the brewing of the "Chinese clothing series" has become a pioneering mountain for the good news of the birds marching toward the international top brands. For the good news of the birds, the "Chinese dress" in the east and west rhyme, under the remodeling of new antiquities carried by the typical national culture symbols and distinctive national costume language "two major elements." Destined to be able to re-release the world's moving gorgeous gesture. Because the meaning of Chinese clothing to the people is not limited to practicality, the more manifestations are the spread of cultural context, but also the awakening of national consciousness and the self-identity of national culture. Delicate, tasteful, honorable, carrying the good news Bird JAC clothing style For the "costume" remodeling emphasis on sublimation, rather than sloppy Chinese elements embellishment. "Taking the oriental civilization as the main body and using the Western legislation for what I use" is its core design concept. At the same time, the long tradition of Chinese clothing culture also provides designers with generous creative resources. Gathering aura of art in culture, based on traditional materials, craftsmanship, details and patterns, combined with modern materials and concepts, finally produced the "Chinese costume" works that are both oriental and western in nature. Targeted at the luxury Chinese men, and focus on the profound cultural success of the upper class people, the good news is that China Bird Series is destined to brand culture and luxury goods linked to the development mode. And this model will also lead the consumer groups to form a lifestyle ideology and higher social life model advocated, and set off the oriental man's elegance, unique taste and noble connotation. Therefore, the good news bird costume is not only conforms to the needs of the times the product, but also will become a symbol of being labeled with a strong national flavor of the stickers. Traditional, Business, Fashion, Annunciation Bird's clothing trend as a reverence, good news bird trying to fade out of the stage of history with more than 1600 years of traditional crafts and existing four famous embroidery and other Chinese Need crafts into the fashion avant-garde "Modernist costumes" design, in order to re-outline the charm of traditional Chinese clothing. The good news for the Chinese bird clothes is that it offers a wide range of products including Chinese dresses, Chinese casual clothes, vests, shirts, T-shirts, cotton clothes, nylon clothes, sweaters and trousers and other accessories for shoes, bags, accessories, Product expansion, the formation of an independent high-end luxury network. Traditional luxury, business Tangzhuang, daily Tangzhuang three categories, can fully meet the senior banquet, business people and have a unique taste of fashion, young people's needs. High-quality material selection, exquisite workmanship, as well as simple, atmospheric traditional ethnic clothing momentum, will make it a national high-end apparel brand ambassador. At present, the Tang suit brand in the Chinese market did not form a complete series, is still at the low end of the standard. Faithful birds devoted efforts to build luxury clothing brand movements, the apparel market will form an impact. Moreover, as the first Chinese Tang suit sales brand to be marketed in European market, Good News Bird has contributed a lot to the Chinese national essence while infiltrating the world while enjoying the business opportunities.

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