Oliver (olisi) brand clothing color matching skills

With a skill: master the main color, auxiliary color, decorative color usage

The dominant color is the color that accounts for the largest area of ​​the entire body color, accounting for more than 60% of the entire body area. Usually as a suit, windbreaker, coat, pants, skirt and so on.

Auxiliary color is the color with the main color, accounting for about 40% of the body area. They are usually single piece jacket, jacket, shirt, vest and so on.

Embellishment color generally only accounts for 5% -15% of the body area. They usually use silk scarves, shoes, bags, accessories, etc., which will play the role of finishing the finishing touches. Embellishment of color is the best of Japan, South Korea, France women show their skills. According to statistics, among the women in various countries in the world, the most Japanese women's scarves are scarves, and they make scarves different styles from their garments, and they can not help but notice their faces. The most French women's accessories It is a brooch that uses a brooch to show a woman's romance. (Note: The clothes do not have to be more, do not have to tricks, it is best to use simple and elegant style, leaving space for accessories show, so as to reflect the dress with the skills and taste preferences.

With two skills: natural color with the law

Warm colors In addition to yellow, orange, orange, all yellow-based colors are warm colors. Warm colors generally give gorgeous, mature, vibrant impression, and suitable for these colors with warm colors with achromatic color, in addition to white, black, the best use of camel, brown, brown.

Cold color is based on the color of the seven blue are cool. With a cool tone with a harmonious color, the best choice of black, gray, color, to avoid with the camel, brown line with.

With three skills: a gradation of the use of color gradient with

Method One, only choose a color, using different light and shade, giving a harmonious, rhythmic level.

Method two, different colors, the same color with the same aesthetic sense of harmony.

With the four skills: the main color, easy to solve problems with

Monochrome clothing is not difficult to match, as long as it can find a harmonious color with it, but the pattern of clothes, dress is often difficult. But you just have the following points is also very easy.

Method One, no color, black, white, gray is the eternal match color, no matter how complex color combinations, they can dissolve into them.

Method Two, choose a single product, the existing color combinations, choose any of them as a match with the clothing color, giving the overall impression of harmony.

Method 3, the same piece of a single color, with a single product with a single choice of color combinations in different colors, not only coordinated, beautiful, you can also change the mood to feel.

With the five techniques: the use of small accessories decorated, breaking the boring situation

If you are also an office worker like me, when the clothes in the wardrobe are not rich colors, just a little embellishment can make these colors are not rich clothing everyday innovation. So, ladies and gentlemen, you are not a lot of investment in these small stuff yet.

With skills six: on the call should be the color

This method is also called "sandwich with law" or "hamburg with law."

In short, when you do not know how to match, there are the following two rules can be used.

First, the whole body color to three colors is appropriate. When you are not very understanding of their own style, no more than three colors of wear, will not let you out of place. The general less the overall color, can reflect the elegant temperament, and gives neat, clear impression.

Second, understand the proportion of color with the area. The color of the body with a 1: 1 to avoid clothing, especially wearing contrasting colors. Generally 3: 2 or 5: 3 is appropriate.

1, with color

A, primary colors: red, yellow, blue

Multi-color: red yellow = orange red blue = purple yellow blue = green

Color: yellow orange = orange yellow orange green = brown

B, color system

(1) Hue: refers to the color of the cold, warm-phase

(2) Purity: refers to the purity of color

(3) Lightness: refers to the brightness of color

C, clothing, clothing color classification:

(1) Warm colors: red, orange, yellow, pink

(2) cool color: blue, purple, green, gray

(2) the middle color: black, white, coffee

D, color with the principle:

(1) Cool and cold colors (2) Warm and warm colors (3) Cool and neutral colors

(4) Warm colors (5) Mid colors (6) Solid colors

(7) Net color (solid color) variegated (8) solid color pattern

E, color with taboo:

(1) Cool and warm colors (2) Bright and bright colors (3) Dark and dark colors

(4) variegated variegated (5) pattern design

F, clothing color with the method

(1) Upper and lower shallow: dignified, generous, quiet and serious

(2) Upper and lower deep: bright, lively, cheerful, confident

(3) Prominent shirt: pants color slightly darker than the shirt

(4) highlight the pants: jacket color slightly darker than the pants

(5) difficult to match the green color, with the brown with the clothing can be collocated

(6) Tops have a horizontal pattern, pants can not wear vertical stripes or lattice

(7) Superstripes are pleated, trousers should avoid horizontal stripes or lattice

(8) coat is mottled, pants should wear solid color

(9) Pants are variegated, the coat should avoid variegated

(10) shirt pattern larger or complex, should wear solid color pants

(11) solid color with a solid color with neutral, should be supplemented with accessories to match

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