How to clear the inventory of clothing to solve the problem of out of stock

I believe everyone in the clothing store business process will encounter the same problem, that is, the issue of clothing out of stock, and today I'll take a look at how we can solve the problem of clothing stores out of stock.


We only grasp the dynamics of the apparel market, the hot products to register, often to inventory, so inventory can reach their own psychological. We look for clothing sources have to find such a wholesaler:

First, there is a market data system

That is, the scientific prediction of the apparel market is definitely based on detailed data. An enterprise should establish such a complete system of data collection in order to organize and analyze all kinds of data. This can identify the needs of the market, find the best-selling styles, colors, sizes, etc., and analyze their best-selling reasons. At the same time, you can also make reasonable forecasts of future market sales based on past market sales data. China has a vast territory and various markets have different spending habits and needs underwear. This also requires that data be collected, collated and analyzed separately in different market segments.

A friend want to find such clothing sources online, you can go to one nine clothing wholesale network to see, in the establishment of seven years time, visit the service of tens of thousands of Taobao owners, customers in the shop, sale, sale of all aspects Depth mining analysis, large warehouse delivery, more than a thousand models for your choice of women , the new shelves every week, professional photography team, exclusive physical model pat, style diversity, quality assurance. You can also worry-free replacement, the exclusive exchange of more than 1,000 models, 20 days no reason to exchange, support cash on delivery, the store for the effectiveness of physical stores seller can also be shop for free.

Second, customer-centric.

Customer is the real center of our marketing, companies should keep good communication with customers at any time, listen to the customer's effective advice, timely grasp of product information. And from the customer's point of view, think what customers think, to provide customers truly marketable and competitive products.

Third, with reference to the company's investment and sales goals.

The company's market and sales target plan is also the key factor to be considered when analyzing the market. The investment of a company directly affects the confidence of the customer's business and directly determines the output to the market. Moreover, in order to successfully achieve the company's sales target plan, according to the plan to plan the corresponding product structure, reserve the appropriate number of products.

Finally, the market test products in advance.

In the absence of certain market prospects for certain products to make accurate forecasts, you can test the market in advance of the typical product sales, and then according to the results of the trial sales of product production arrangements

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