"Sisters Flower" fashion underwear to explore new ideas for women's comfortable life

Looking for, always looking for their own underwear . Sisters Flower is a fashion woman who has created fashionable, comfortable and high-quality underwear costumes with fashionable colors, exquisite craftsmanship and excellent materials. She devoted himself to exploring new ideas of women's comfortable life, Favor.


Anti-streaked Tube Top design, V-neck T-shirt, white shirt, open collar dress fashion preferred, looming hot double yarn temptation, allowing you to reveal a different kind of sexy temptation; Fixed to prevent the bra shift oppression of the chest, resulting in blood circulation.

“姐妹花”时尚内衣  探索女性舒适生活的新主张

The combination of watercolor and ink pen draws an abstract life map with flowing silver wire lace, which embodies the oriental female's intellectual beauty vividly, as the lighting embraces life, elegance, intellectuality and generousness. The 3/4 thick The cup-shaped and heightened folder curved design, enhance the lateral push gather at the same time create a deep V effect.

Now wearing Necklace is not a right only for female, more and more men like to wear their interested Necklace For Man to dress up. One charming man who know how to dress himself up by appropriate necklace for man meet different occasion.
Usually, the material of necklace for man is heavy, such as stainless steel, titanium steel, alloy and so on. And the designs of necklace for man is simple but cool, usually we put one pendant on leather string or chain to make up one necklace for man, just the shape of man pendant is cool, like key, skull, feather and so on.

Necklace For Man

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