Have you caught the holiday gift market?

[China Gift Network News] In addition to the consumer market, the gift market is a market that has been highly valued by various manufacturers in recent years. From delicate small appliances to frequently-changing 3G products, from traditional tobacco and alcohol tea, health products, cosmetics, skin care products to various food and beverages, even the old name is not to be overwhelmed, they have to dress up to get a share. . The holiday gift market is more intense and more colorful.

From the perspective of gift demand, it is usually divided into three series of business, government and family. Business and family relationships account for the largest share of the consumer market. Aesthetics, novelty, quality, practicality, convenience and budget are the only rules for gift purchase. Under the circumstance of the festive atmosphere, it fully satisfies the consumer's interpersonal or affectionate expression needs, and also enhances the image and grade of the product in the minds of consumers by means of product reloading. Compared with the self-use market, it is also called the sales volume. Small wholesale, small outbreaks. If the holiday gift market is successful, it will definitely increase the product sales share.

As a consumer, cross-border inventory of the bright colors in the gift boxes of all major categories of goods, it is not difficult to see the market trends of each company, the market's sensitivity and market knowledge.

Beverage: The first push or Wang Laoji, the packaging is more bright and eye-catching, more gift-oriented than the outer box design that was only suitable for personal use, compared to other beverages that still stay in the nude and original (in the gift-packing market) The product is leading the way. Other products, whether it is juice or all kinds of cans, bottles, and boxed drinks, are not enough for the gift market. The outer packaging is simple and rough, just simple plastic packaging or traditional packaging. Coco and Lulu still use the old red bag as a gift packaging marketing method needs to keep up with the times. Although the quality is good, the packaging should also be eye-catching, otherwise the loss will be its own market and sales. Huiyuan gift box packaging is late, just saw, unlike other products soon after New Year's Day, it has fully entered the sales period before the Spring Festival. Pingyi's price and health concept are its advantages, but there is a problem that can't be ignored. The six-litre juice plus the packaging weight is amazing. When you buy and send, you need to have a good guy to follow, if the recipient is not strong enough. I am afraid I can't eat it. The weight problem also limits its ability to buy and distribute at the same time as other appropriate gifts. The packaging design is based on the meaning of Liuliushun, and it is just six juices. If it is not enough to reduce the weight to three or four or even five, it is only changed to half-liter. Some relatively high-priced vitamin drinks can actually try the gift-packing market (single and multi-pack) and the sports market.

Eggs: Debut of Deqingyuan, like Wang Laoji, has a thorough study of the profound Chinese culture. The red gift box symbolizes joy. Compared with other eggs, there are all kinds of eggs of different sizes, Deqingyuan and The level has been improved by one step, and the delivery is Fu (others printed eggs, Deqingyuan Yinfu). Within 50 yuan and 100 yuan, the price is moderate, there are multiple packaging series to facilitate classification and promotion and increase the display surface and visual impact. The promotion is very strong and the price is more close to the people. Everywhere I feel that everything is ready. The other large packaging of eggs is relatively simple and natural, and neither brand nor price constitutes competition. Some of the well-packaged brands of preserved eggs and salted eggs in the South are more conducive to local operations, and it is rare to introduce them into the North.

Oil: There are not many bright colors and new ideas. The relatively better one is still the Ou Weilan olive oil small package gift box, the big package is not refined enough. Before the olive oil was popular, the gift and group buying market accounted for a considerable proportion. But the lack of new ideas will also affect sales.

Chocolate: Whether it is packaging, taste, texture, promotion or the first Ferrero, it is not at the same level as other products. The newly launched pyramid is very beautiful, but the square outer packaging bag is not very fit. The various inner packaging boxes are perfect, but the design and printing of the gift bag is rough, and can only be naked or replaced with other bags. The new 188/288 series is a flop, like the fakes in the Ferrero family. It is unclear whether it is positioned at the higher end of the market or the wholesale nature. It feels that the packaging is positioned at the wholesale level, and the price is positioned at the high end.

Liquor: The price of liquor is increased, and the red wine is faked, which has made the wine market. It can be expected that health wines will also emerge in the future. Personally prefer the Henry poem of 1330 yuan in silver and black packaging.

Dried fruit: This year's dried fruit gift market has many contests, such as Zhenglin, Huiji, Wanjiali (California wilderness), COFCO, orchard and old farmers. But the packaging design and quality are not as good as the South. Some just put a lot of bagged dried fruits in large paper bags and even sorting boxes. Some even use small fruit boxes, but they still feel rough. In the price, the COFCO is also very powerful in the pricing of central enterprises. The packaging material is good, but it deviates from the balance of the psychological value of consumers, turning the dried fruit into the successor of the high-priced moon cake. In fact, from the consumer demand and evolution trend, if the dried fruit works well, it can become another hot spot after the moon cake and alcohol market. But if you smash it into moon cakes, you can only make people laugh.

Fruit: Fruit is also a big gift market. Wal-Mart's fruit gift box is designed to be simple and compact, and the content can be assembled at random, which can completely replace the traditional fruit basket and traditional fruit packaging. Even if it is just a box of pears, the sensory value passed out has been greatly improved and it is worth recommending.

Traditional cuisine: a variety of traditional and traditional foods have long been rushing to the holiday gift market, but from the packaging feeling, the tradition is more than enough, the new ideas are insufficient. As a gift, not only is lining important, but face is more important. How to make up the modern side without losing the tradition needs to be explored carefully. If you want to find a better representative, you will choose Wufangzhai. The design of the gift box is more modern, not old and not too popular.

The gift market seems to be just wearing a beautiful gift coat for the goods, but the middle school is very deep, and it needs to study, adapt, guide and meet the latest changes and demands of market consumption. Including some daily chemical products, skin care products should also pay attention to and develop the home gift market. The traditional cup and tableware industry should not give up the gift market. After all, China is a state of ceremonies and a populous country. Every year, the festivals are going on and on, and there are always a variety of expression needs, whether they are relatives or friends, colleagues, alumni, leaders or business partners. For the enterprise, the operating gift market has both gained fame and realism. It not only spreads and enhances its own brand and image, but also cultivates more consumers and potential consumers, from market cultivation, reputation establishment and sales growth. It is a multiplier effect, and everyone is happy.

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