Early spring popular lemon color gorgeous debut

Leading Speech: The Spring Festival is coming in 2014. In the spring and summer, MM, do you have a good preparation for the new year? In the spring and summer of 2014, the lemon yellow will become a popular color! From the long skirt on the red carpet to the street. The miniskirt in the...Lime yellow is almost omnipresent! So how exactly would this bright and eye-catching high-saturation color be the perfect interpretation? Xiao Bian gave you advice.

早春流行柠檬色 高亮度华丽登场(图1)
T stage demonstration lemon color

早春流行柠檬色 高亮度华丽登场(图2)
Star demonstration lemon

Spring yellow will put on lemon yellow body, feel the breath of jumping anywhere, anytime, the vitality of early spring, you can easily have, take a look at this eye-catching lemon!

早春流行柠檬色 高亮度华丽登场(图3)
Akris Show

早春流行柠檬色 高亮度华丽登场(图4)
Louis Vuitton show field

早春流行柠檬色 高亮度华丽登场(图5)
Christian Dior show field

This winter, lemon yellow will become a new fashion color. Designers of this season have given a new definition of yellow. In addition to being fresh and bright, adding a little green or gold yellow has become full of rock and roll taste, and with black is very fashionable. Wearing such colors in the winter's bleak weather or early spring, whether dressed in a day or party, will make you a bright spot in the crowd.

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