2014 new trend to give you a different feeling of warm spring

Each season, there are always popular elements in the fashion world. The uniqueness of this year's Plaid is that the atmosphere of the line is tough. No matter the grid pattern of Scotland, the line pattern or the hottest season, the pattern is large , Tough is the hottest season. On the other hand, stripe also get rid of the old, solemn image of the solemn, glow in this season more and more young appearance, exquisite elegant dress style also demonstrated most vividly.


The climate in early spring is still a bit cold, coupled with such a checked Slim dress is no longer suitable. Large plaid pattern, so mix and match is full of Mori style. External chiffon, giving a warm spring atmosphere, people relaxed and happy!

2014新品潮流加倍 给你不一样的暖春感觉

A fabulous lace-trimmed shirt with delicate lace-trimmed shoulders that echo the cuff lace. Three-dimensional shape, so that the whole body is quite layered clothes, capable and exudes a thick palace atmosphere, it is a perfect show of female body curve, elegant and charming.

2014新品潮流加倍 给你不一样的暖春感觉

Elegant design by age reduction doll, full of innocent children's fun, no shortage of atmosphere atmosphere. The whole piece of clothing using exquisite chiffon fabric, to give you the most intimate care, comfort and especially full of vitality. Drop-shaped neckline design, full of charm, sexy femininity exudes.

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