ELLE-JC5 light and shadow movie Oh Myolie handsome cool transformation


She really is not a typical beauty of the entertainment industry, it may not meet the people's traditional aesthetic beauty. Dependent on the feelings, love can not let go, people have always been attached to the Scorpio label. In the face of sex scandal even boyfriend, eight years of ultimate entanglement helpless to break up ... ... people are eager to know, Myolie, how are you? Myolie joined ELLE-JC52014 spring album of the blockbuster shooting, her every move, a smile, on all questions and concerns, gives a strong answer.

ELLE-JC5光影春日大片 胡杏儿酷帅蜕变

ELLE-JC5 Spring Magazine shooting is a powerful combination of experience, the magazine invited veteran fashion photographer KO KO and senior stylist Black for the Hong Kong artist Myolie Wu to create a set of personality fashion blockbuster. Myolie break through the pure image of the past, showing a unique cool cool style. In the face of fashion lenses, she did not shy, let us feel her transformation from the inside out: more confident, optimistic and frank, as JC5 brand has always been.

ELLE-JC5光影春日大片 胡杏儿酷帅蜕变

In addition to filming a blockbuster, Myolie also talked with us at close range to share her work, life and emotions bit by bit. In her view, magnanimity is a shortcut to happiness. In such a belief, a woman who is free, kind and listens to her own heart is transformed. In the final fashion film, through her firm eyes, we can feel the inner freedom.


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