2014 spring popular colors what colors this spring popular clothing

ZAIN spring a "sewing" series of fresh and lovable color, the use of different purity and clarity of the candy orange and fresh and elegant fruit green color together showing a spring flavor, white gray black beige and other neutral colors into the jump The color is quiet, the overall color harmony and unity, with a gentle atmosphere reflects the romantic and elegant women's temperament.


Purity and clarity of the orange candy interpretation of different romantic romance! 2014 spring popular color orange wave:

Warm color + bright lines: light orange VS white, orange VS white

Warm colors + dark colors: orange red VS black

Light color + warm color system: apricot VS orange

2014春季流行色 今年春季流行什么颜色的服装

Different shades of turmeric shaping a new impression of avant-garde! 2014 spring color of the color ginger yellow wave:

Warm color + bright lines: ginger yellow VS white

Warm colors + dark colors: ginger yellow VS black

Light color + warm color: beige VS yellow

2014春季流行色 今年春季流行什么颜色的服装

Cool tone release elegant attitude! 2014 spring color light color wave:

Light color + bright lines: gray VS white, apricot VS white

Deep color + light color system: dark coffee VS almond, dark coffee VS gray


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