Analysis of lighting design requirements for boutique shopping malls

one. Store lighting

1. Ensure store brightness

Considering the balance between the lighting in the store and the surrounding brightness, the brightness is appropriately increased at the entrance of the store to meet various requirements such as safety and attraction. The uniform, soft lighting emitted by lamps such as LED downlights is usually used as the overall illumination.

2. Using the automatic dimming device to make the lighting changeable effect

In order to adapt to the psychological characteristics of customers, some stores have certain industry characteristics. The use of flashing lighting or dimming lighting to illuminate the storefront helps to attract consumers and create a good business atmosphere.

3. Emphasize the decorative effect

Using colored lighting or special lighting, the lamps can also be arranged in a decorative pattern to make the store lighting vibrant and impress the past customers.

4. Focus on lighting should be eye-catching

The lighting of key locations such as signboards, signs and nameplates should be eye-catching, making it clear at a glance and unforgettable. LED track lights and LED recessed spotlights can be used.

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