Inventory: Don Juan's tumbler shirt is more beautiful than anyone else?

Ben Wang, February 3rd, one of the four small flowers Dan Tang has recently become the focus of entertainment because of the new drama "How Can I Use the Mouth", but she also has a lot of embarrassing moments, to see if she Are all beautiful and invincible?

Zhuangshan is always a surprise. It's a bit frustrating for the actress who carefully selected Huafumeilu. Recently, with the hot drama "How to silence" around the promotion of Zhao Moshen Tang Hao, they frequently Zhuangshan with the female stars, then these beautiful dress dress, who wear the body in the end more beautiful?


The Lanvin 2014 autumn and winter gray printed dress skirt was selected by four actresses at the same time. In addition to Tang Yan, Li Xiang, Charlie Yeung, and Guo Biting who had attended the press conference, they all wore it on a red carpet or a press conference. Then the question came, who was the overbearing president? Is Xiao Jia Biyu?


Michael Kors 2014 early autumn red dress, after the film Cate Blanchett actually phase in this red dress, do not know if slightly jerky Zhao Mosi whether to take away your heart?


This dress from Stella McCartney is not new in the season. There are many overseas actress and sister-in-law Maran Po Po Xi Na's interpretation of the same paragraph, Tang Xiao Jiao's delicate figure wears out Gesture.


Tory Burch's 2014 autumn and winter long fairy dress, long-sleeved textured skirt with shawl long hair, your little heart okay.


Tang Wei VS Guo Caijie, this Lanvin 2014 autumn and winter black print dress lady full range of children, coupled with the feather embellishment has a kind of elegant and quiet beauty, compared to petite Guo Caijie, Tang Hao's tall figure is not perfect to control the feathers of the unique light How is it?


Yang Mi and Guo Biting also interpreted this watercolor print white dress from Liu Qingyang. The sweet Tang Yan is also very eye-pleasing in this skirt! (Co-Media: Zhuo Shini Shoes, Bao Lina Shoes)

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