How to treat the past and present life of Songhua Stone

It’s a long time, and it’s a long time. Things are like smoke and ink, Songjiang is thick and watery. In ancient times, the man's beard and hair were scraped off with a razor, and the stone that could sharpen the razor was a loose stone. Formally using the Songhua stone system began in the last years of the Ming Dynasty, pushing the Qing Dynasty. Emperor Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong and other emperors appreciated the Songhua sarcophagus. Kangxi Emperor also sealed it as a “Yu 砚”, which was used exclusively by the court. Since then, Songhua Stone has been silent for a long time. In recent years, people have begun to notice that the pine stone is a strange stone formed under the action of nature, and the skin is deep, the texture is fresh, and the posture is beautiful. It has become the new stone of the latest stone stone.

Former provincial-level old leader Gao Wen: I want to say Songhua Stone "complex" and "source", that was in 1979, when I was the deputy secretary and deputy director of the Party Committee of the Provincial Second Light Bureau. One day, the director of Tonghua City Arts and Crafts Factory Zhang Youfa took a stone to my office and said that it was just discovered from the banks of the Li River. He said that this stone is like a pine stone that has been lost for more than 100 years. I immediately introduced him to Mr. Zhang Zaitian, a cultural relic connoisseur at the then Jilin Provincial Museum. After Mr. Zhang Lao introduced to the Beijing National Cultural Relics Bureau. After testing and comparison, the results confirmed that it was really a lost stone that has been lost for more than 100 years. As far as I know, from 1979, Tonghua City Arts and Crafts Factory successfully produced the first-party royal princes, and they continue to innovate, and the products have won domestic awards for dozens of times. When Hong Kong returned to the motherland in 1997, they produced the "Songhua Bauhinia Roots", which was the only gift given to the government and people of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region by the Jilin Province, and won the honor for the 27 million people in the province.

In order to strengthen publicity and expand the influence, the former Communist Party of China Jilin Provincial Party Committee, Minister of Propaganda Department, then the Central Party School Education Minister Song Zhenting comrades communicate and coordinate, matchmaking, invite famous, May 25, 1980, the province The Songhua Dendrobium Appreciation Conference was held at the Sichuan Hotel in Beijing. The treasures of the royal treasures that were once hidden in the palace have regained their vitality after the dust of history. On June 14 of the same year, the provincial party committee issued the document No. 10 of Jishangfa [1980], which is the opinion of the leaders of the provincial party committee on how to do a good job in the production of pineapple.

Qi Xianzhi, member of the Standing Committee of Tonghua Municipal Committee and deputy mayor: Our province is the main producing area of ​​Songhua Stone and Songhuayu in China. Songhua stone culture has a long history. More than 4,000 years ago, there were utensils and records of using Songhua Stone. The quarry in the Qing Dynasty was called "Old Pit" in Tonghua City. As a royal treasure and a precious stone sarcophagus, Songhuayu was once appointed as the "Da Qing National Treasure". Since the 1980s, Songhuayu culture has been inherited and developed. In 1997, the giant Songhua 制作 produced by Tonghua was given as a gift to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region by Jilin Province, witnessing the historical moment of Hong Kong's return to the motherland. In 2000, Songhua was named China's top ten in the 8th National Wenfang Sambo Art Fair. 2008; In 2008, “Songhua Dendrobium Carving Skills” was included in the Jilin Province Intangible Cultural Heritage List. At present, the main products of Songhua Stone in our province are Songhua Dendrobium and Kistler. The pine flower sarcophagus is divided into three types: stereotyped scorpion, shaped scorpion, and sylvestris sylvestris. It has formed a certain processing scale. Songhua Kistler is called “a rare rare stone” by domestic and foreign experts. It is a high-end stone species in the Kistler Circle.” Kistler is rare and expensive. In 2002, Tonghua City discovered a piece of pine flower stone weighing 5.8 tons. “Wandai Jiangshan” was listed at the Changchun Kistler Fair in 2007 at a price of 88.88 million yuan.

Yushan, the deputy head of the government of Jiangyuan District, Baishan City: Songhua Stone, also known as “Songhuayu”, was formed in the Qinghaikou of the ancient Yuan Dynasty. The main component is calcite. Songhua stone began in the Ming Dynasty and was in Qing Dynasty. Since its inception, it has been deep in the Imperial Palace, and it is the treasure of the royal family used in the Qing Dynasty. Later, due to the declining dynasty of the Qing Dynasty, Jiaqing was almost no longer cursed. Because the coffin production area is still the "land of Longxing" in Manchu, it was banned for a long time by the Qing Dynasty. Therefore, the Qingshuihua sarcophagus of the world is mostly the collection of the Beijing Palace Museum and the National Palace Museum in Taipei. The folk collections are extremely rare and even disappeared. More than a hundred years.

Zheng Xiyan, a provincial craft artist: Under the care of the party and the government in the late 1970s, Tonghua City Arts and Crafts Factory began to excavate and resume production, from the beginning of several people's research and development team to thousands of production and sales forces today. It lasted for more than 30 years. From the simple carving, to the two series of Songhua Kistler and Songhua Dendrobium, and based on the Songhua stone, various handicrafts such as paperweight, pen wash, tea tray and other stationery and daily necessities have been developed. Increased the market value and cultural taste of Songhua Stone.

Liu Zulin, president of Tonghua Songhuayu Association: Songhuayu was applied and developed three hundred years ago. It was born in the inner courtyard of the palace during the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty. The meteorite was produced in Kanto and was built in the palace office of the capital. Kang, 雍, and dynasty used the Songhua 御 砚, which brought together the style of the 作 、 、 广 广 广 、 , , , , , , 汇集 汇集 汇集 汇集 汇集 汇集 汇集 汇集 汇集 汇集 汇集 汇集 汇集 汇集 汇集 汇集 汇集 汇集 汇集 汇集 汇集 汇集 汇集 汇集 汇集 汇集 汇集 汇集 汇集 汇集 汇集 汇集The aesthetic feeling of "Ya, Xiu, Jing, Qiao". The ornamentation is rich and varied, and the carving is fine and skillful. Not only is it suitable for its application, but also the beauty of decoration, combined with the rich color of the loose stone and the magical effect of the craftsman, so that Songhua is in the world of the development of Chinese meteorite culture and art.

As the practical aesthetic value of Songhua Stone as a practical, ornamental and collectible product, and the way to further enhance the cultural taste of Songhua Stone, the color of the stone is declining and green, and the gods win the Songhua River. The natural pine flower stone is a precious treasure that nature has endowed to all mankind. It is independent of the scene, naturally into a painting, a scene of a poem, a stone and a day, to write a natural beauty of the movement. It is naturally interesting, unparalleled in the world, and is favored by the stone-collecting and collectors. It is worshipped by the literati, leaving a tribute to the beauty and character of the natural pine stone. To this end, Songhua stone culture came into being.

Zhang Shilin, a provincial craft artist: The aesthetic value of Songhuashi is very large. The current ornamental stone is positioned from several aspects of shape and texture, and the pine stone has reached the extreme in all aspects, and various shapes in shape. The pine stone is suitable for engraving and has an opaque and slightly transparent feel. The texture of the pine stone is very rich, such as wood grain, the rhythm of music, the beauty of time and time, the aesthetic value can be said to be second to none.

Zhao Peiguang, editor-in-chief of "Northeast Wind" of Jilin Daily, said: "Songhuashi, which is raised in the deep", attracts people's attention because it has its own characteristics. In summary, it is the shape, quality, color, and grain. We usually see dozens of kinds, red, black; purple, yellow; brown, green, more green: dark green, medium green, light green and image oil green, Spinach green, goose yellow green, gray leather green?? All of them, all-inclusive, other stone species are not as good as they are.

Yu Weifan, editor-in-chief of the Changchun Daily News Art Edition: What we said is a position on the development of Songhua Stone. Good works must be created by a good craftsman. There should also be everyone in the art world to participate. For example, nowadays, many porcelain factories and purple sand factories invite some famous painters and painters to participate in their craftsmanship. This not only can influence the market catering and value system of this product with the celebrity effect, but also exquisite works of cultural relics. Here, we also put forward a very high demand for the shackles. We must not only practice the work in our hands, but also cultivate the good work in our hearts. "Kung Fu is outside of Kung Fu." This effort is to constantly improve their cultural accomplishment, extensively explore and curb knowledge and culture in related industries and fields, and enlighten the breadth and depth of their thinking space. .

Tongde City Land and Resources Bureau Zhao Dejun: Songhua stone ore body is layered, fine quality pine stone plate, its texture is fine and awning, all dense and moist, rock hardness is moderate, (Mohs hardness 3.4-4.5), mineral With a particle size of less than 0.1 mm, it is a precious material for the ring. The surface weathering layer can be used as a high-grade ornamental stone (kily stone).

Yu Yu, deputy head of the government of Jiangyuan District, Baishan City: To further enhance the cultural quality of Songhua Stone, it is necessary to form an open pine flower culture industry chain on the main body of the activation market. To realize the coordinated development of cultural industries in Tonghua City, Baishan City and Yanbian, it is necessary to give full play to the role of market players, break the awareness of closure, further open up the market, and create a competitive and cooperative atmosphere. It is necessary to open up the state of cooperation with the surrounding areas with open thinking. The formation of the Songhua Stone cultural industry chain will help cultural enterprises reduce costs and enhance competitiveness.

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