Quietly tell you about the 10 hidden rules of the jewelry circle.

1. Never think about it, no free lunch

Gemstones are generally not liable if they are sold, unless you have previously agreed with the seller. This is the rule that has been formed for thousands of years, and it has its own reasons. Jewelry is the eyesight and strength, and of course the financial resources. Buying fakes means getting rid of the teeth and swallowing them. Can not afford to lose, is looked down on.

So how do you prevent or reduce the purchase of fakes or processed goods? In fact, prevention is impossible. Everyone who loves jewellery pays a lot of tuition. It can only study hard to reduce the chance of making mistakes. If you are too lazy to learn and like this, then you should pay for it. High-level experts or friends can help you check, then the experts or friends you invited have gone through the eyes or what happened to you, you can only recognize yourself as bad luck.

This rule, in the eyes of many people, is unreasonable and gives some people the amulet to sell fake goods, but this is the charm of this line. In other words, who wants you to just want to be cheap and don't want to work hard? The blame can only blame yourself for being cheap, not knowledgeable enough, and lack of wisdom... Therefore, it is especially emphasized that in order to adapt to this cruel one, it is necessary to study more in advance and learn more. If you are not sure, you will have to pay for it. Don't want to ask for Gaoming for free, unless you and your buddy, the price and value of everything in the world generally correspond.

2. Be sure to pay on time

It is not creditworthy to promise to buy something and not pay it on time. This is unpopular in any industry.

3. Don't inquire about the cost of the seller

Generally speaking, this line of shopping should not be used to inquire about the cost of buying, and buy it if you are right. When you ask people about the cost of buying, it means that you haven't entered the business yet, and people are too lazy to answer you, or it doesn't make sense to deal with you casually. Of course, there is no problem between very familiar friends.

4. Counter-offer means bid, bid means buy

Bargaining means that you are optimistic about the decision. If the other party agrees, you have to buy it at this price. This is also true in other industries. It is usually not popular to buy a counter-offer, but this is more in the jewelry industry. weight. Because the cultural heritage and quality of the people who play jewelry are not low. Identity is very important. Money is only one aspect of identity. The credibility, sincerity and moral quality of a person are the core of identity.

5. Don't bargain

This is true for any industry, and no one likes to use tricks or people who are not sincere, wasting time and energy. Indiscriminate quotation and counter-offering do not buy, have reduced their own character, even if you really want to buy people behind you are not willing to take care of you. If you play jewelry, some people may report the price in a random way. Some people may quote a more realistic price. If you don't understand the market, you don't need to talk about it. If you don't understand it, you can refer to the same market and the same quality, and the same quality price will be repaid at a certain rate; or you can buy the highest price that you want to buy. Still negotiable. The key is whether you really want to buy, not really want to buy, but the price is a random price. The counter-offer is the door to learn, the boutique you should be a counter-product, people must think that you do not know how to take care of you; high-quality you are a counter-offer, set out the nonsense; the defective you are high quality, then you become a big head.

6. Do not buy, do not inquiry

The same is true in other industries, wasting your time and wasting others' time.

7. If you feel that you have doubts, don’t open your mouth.

But it can't always be too suspicious, the price is low, the suspicion is not good, the price is high, and I worry about being cheated. The things I bought are suspected of being expensive, and I don’t know what I like. This is true in any industry. To win the friendly treatment, respect and better service of others, it is beneficial to you, and you must strictly abide by the rules and integrity.

When others are trading, whether you think it is right or not, learn to remain silent.

8. When others are trading, whether you think it is right or not, learn to remain silent.

The knowledge of the collection is profound and broad, and it is broad and boundless. Maybe you are right. It is more likely that you don’t understand it. Modesty is not bad for yourself.

9. You must have the ability to take responsibility

As a buyer, the most important one is that you have to be responsible, have the ability to make decisions, hesitate, confused, vague, and listen to stories are not good, or buy the wrong strange friends and strange experts, buy high strange sellers, did not buy and regret . Money is in your own pocket, others are references, so everything is in yourself. The process of collecting or purchasing is also a process of continuous improvement in all aspects of personality, knowledge, ability, and morality.

10. To be right, a penny will have its own reasons.

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