Autumn and winter goodbye black cool older men can wear this

In the previous autumn and winter, most older men were wearing black jackets. Now all kinds of colors are competing surfaced. For four-year-old men, you can wear the following two colors of clothing. Absolute decent fashion. Simple color, it is wild. The Florentine men make men of all ages more confident. Light color, high-quality fabrics, leaving a handsome and calm impression. High-quality fabrics, first-class upper body effect, highlighting a good physique, is still romantic. This thickened woolen jacket with a black suit, very business man's style. Forty-year-old you succeed, we should be so handsome. The same light-colored jacket, is definitely the most suitable dress in the fall. Stand-collar version of the British style of the wind, for a variety of stature and age of men. Windproof fabric, simple with a black shirt and suit pants, it is a type. Fair-skinned men can be with a blue t-shirt, but also very Fan. Photo credit: Florentino Men

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