What kind of ice jade is like

Ice-like jade is as famous as it is. It has a natural beauty that is clear and ice-like, pure and flawless. It is a perfect accessory that thousands of women are eager to pursue. So what does ice jade look like?

Characteristics of ice jade

Generally speaking, ice jadeite is mostly colorless or less colored, with high transparency, translucent to transparent, icy clear, bright and lustrous; ice type jade is commonly found in the category of "blue ice flower", such ice type jade The distinctive feature is that the interior contains variegated or intermittent vein-like blue color, and jewelry such as bracelets and pendants are very popular among female consumers.

High ice jade is the highest grade in ice jade, its texture is extremely fine and transparent, but different from glass jade. From the appearance point of view, the ice jadeite is similar to the glass jadeite, and has a similar transparent texture, but the difference with the jade in the glass is that the ice jadeite is only three points warm and seven points cold.

New pit, old pit ice kind jade difference

The new pit ice jade and the old pit ice jade are different in the formation time. The old pit jade is formed in a longer age, so it is more gentle and stable than the new pit jade. The new pit ice jade has a short period of time and a thin texture, so it lacks a sense of deeper age.

The old pit has a fine texture of jade, basically no cracks, cracks, etc., and its internal grain size is uniform, so its stone shows a very dense and heavy feeling; while the new pit jade is relatively soft and tender; Its gray color is also an important basis for judging the new and old pits of the jade. Usually, the old pit jade is gray and dark, and it is obviously observed and compared with the new pit jade.

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