Snake eye fan lost the latest autumn you are more charming than the fall

Snake eye fans fascinated autumn pursuit of fashion and quality of urban women and sensitive design, promote a taste, personality, fashion lifestyle. Clothing contains the culture of elegance and confidence, as well as the details of the pursuit of exquisite life. Snake-eye fanatics women's clothing for 20-35-year-old living in major cities in the world's independence, the pursuit of fashion and quality-sensitive modern women. Snake eye fans add women's wear requirements: 1, in line with international legal registered companies or individual businesses. 2, in line with the company's business premises, shopping malls area of ​​35 square meters or more, more than 40 square meters shop. 3, a certain economic strength, the brand independent operation. 4, franchisees need to have some energy management shop daily operation.


Medal, Custom Zinc Alloy Medal with Lanyard for Rewards, China Medal

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