Zac Posen Zach Paterson to build 2011 early fall "ice beauty"

ZacPosen 2011 autumn series of women show "ice beauty" as noble and enchanting, closely fit the body curve of the precise cut, interpretation of the ultimate sexy, leopard and python pattern, is also sexy style In the important elements. Glamorous apart, there is no lack of feminine sense of delicacy. Sophisticated folds to make the profile more gentle, heavy fur tops also with loose wide leg pants, silk scarves and other single as a match, into more soft elements.

Zac Posen 2011 autumn women's collection of classic black corner, showing the charm of women.

Zac Posen 扎克·珀森 打造2011早秋“冰美人”

Zac Posen 扎克·珀森 打造2011早秋“冰美人”

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