No. 19, Garden Street, Christmas sweet waterproof PU thick long cotton coat

No. 19, Garden Street, Christmas sweet waterproof PU thick long cotton coat, into the depths of the season, and the weather changed a lot of cold, a warm coat is very caring, thick quilted jacket, very warm, PU waterproof fabric snowflake or some small water droplets will not be wet, as well as wind-proof effect, A sub-hem significant thin effect. Playful fur hat will look younger and lovely.

花园街19号 - NO.19

Star City International (Hong Kong) Industrial Group Co., Ltd. to stand in 1999, is a research and development design, production, sales, management as one of the new thinking and garment enterprises. Its well-known brands "ECA" and "Garden Street 19" advocate the brand culture of "elegant" and "sweet" and the original "sentimental appeal color" style to meet the needs of diversified urban women with intellectual, individuality, elegance and fashion Makeup needs.

Dongguan City, Boye Clothing Co., Ltd. Star City International as the domestic brand operating management agencies, love sew Italian sewing fashion. The company always focus on "professional, focused" core development strategy, "innovative and pragmatic" spirit, adhere to the "brand pilotage, process escort, and win Yanghang" business principles. After several years of struggle and accumulation, the use of franchising mode as the main channel breakthrough in the key provinces and cities in the country set up joining agents, and products are exported to Europe and the United States, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong more than 30 countries And the area. Good brand effect makes ECA brand in a very short period of time made the upstart status in the fashion industry.

花园街19号 圣诞节甜美防水PU加厚长款棉大衣

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