Ya Ge Mei Dai clothing for the hot investment in the country

Ya Ge Meidai clothing, located in the beautiful West Lake - Hangzhou, after two years of preparation and market research, the flagship brand Ya Geme Dai product convergence of nearly eight domestic and foreign brands formed a strategic alliance, the original brand retail prices mostly In the 300-2000 yuan / piece (sets) or so, while the Ya Gemeidai retail prices on average controlled at 40-300 yuan / piece (sets) or so, and the goods and the brand listed the shortest time only 20 days, and the original Compared with the brand, the product is cheap and has ultra-low discount. It has a competitive edge and a competitive advantage. As a result, it brings steady term benefits while bringing tenure and sales volume, so your investment can be quickly rewarded. Products covered spring, summer, autumn and winter should be seasonal, Ya Ge Meidai clothing planning business within the next two years in mainland China terminal operating area of ​​more than 50,000 square meters.

安宝儿 - Anboa

Hangzhou "Ya Geme Dai" apparel is located in the garment enterprises gathered in Hangzhou Yuhang District, from the Sijiqing clothing wholesale market only thirty minutes by car, the traffic is very convenient. We have a large clothing exhibition hall and a group of women who have rich discount business experience of high-quality management team. At the same time, "Ya Geme Dai" brings together nearly 2,000 domestic outstanding brand women's wear in Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Beijing and other places, taking advantage of the geographical difference and time difference of the clothing sales market in mainland China, 1-1.5 fold ultra-low prices of nearly 3,000 models each season for customers to choose. As a discount market leader with a wealth of operational experience, "Ya Gemei Dai" spend millions to improve product quality, focusing on service as the most important business priorities, depending on the interests of customers for the corporate life. In good faith cooperation and common development purposes, "Ya Gemei Dai" brand quickly access around the franchisee recognition in the domestic market formed a strong sales layout.

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