Glamorous simple phase and brilliant Autumn Di Figure fashion section

"DITTO Di Tu" women's classic product line emphasizes the practicality of the product, highlighting the plate, workmanship and fabric performance, show in the store, to adapt to a wide range of customers, allowing consumers to easily buy. The series will not be in bad inventory even if you have not sold out during the season. Agents, franchisees must have the following conditions: 1. To meet the requirements of the sales venues. 2. Must have a valid business license for clothing and accessories. 3. Have modern business management, management skills and experience, can be fully committed. 4. Decoration: In strict accordance with the company uniform style decoration, the company provides free decoration design drawings, decoration costs borne by the customer. 5. Exchange rate: 20% of the total order replacement; calculated by the amount of delivery shall not cross-seasons replacement.

Nylon with Latex Gloves

Nylon With Latex Glove,Latex Coating Glove,Nylon Glove

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