Four major trends! Detailed development of children's clothing consumption may be

Trend One: Internet Communication Affects Children's Wear Consumption Cherry is a small red guy at Cradle Net. At the age of 3, he has his own blog, and it's illustrated and updated. Of course, this is not Cherry's masterpiece, it is from 80 parents after the handwriting. The blog's signature reads, "We grow together." Indeed, for most of the 80's cool dad, the kid is like a "live toy" falling from the sky. It was full of joy, but it was somewhat overwhelming.

Those who were deeply influenced by the Internet once again turned their attention to the internet. They use child-rearing websites, baby blogs, etc. to learn about parenting knowledge and exchange ideas about parenting. Of course, these are the pictures of big show babies. Cherry is such a small fashion model, dress style is constantly changing, high click-through rate. Many young mothers also commented on his blog and praised them. They asked where the clothes were bought, and even had a “baby-friendly” relationship.

The parenting website and baby blog have become the main communication platform for parenting after 80s, and the communicators have mutual feelings. This of course includes the spread of children's clothing brand reputation. How to use this new form of communication has become an important consideration in capturing the hearts of parents after 80.

Trend 2: The "421" model accelerates the consumption of children's clothing. Now a new type of family model is gradually becoming mainstream. The "421" model is the family structure produced by the only-child generation - 4 old people, 2 adults and 1 child. This structure led to the attention of the six adults on this child. Whether it's seasonal updates, clothing, festivals, or birthdays, children's clothing is an important option for adults when they choose gifts. When interviewed by reporters, Shenyang Lingyue said in an interview: “Now the children do not lack clothes at all. Apart from Mom and Dad, there are grandparents, grandfathers, grandfathers and grandmothers who will buy him, and sometimes friends and colleagues come to buy at home. Children's clothes and stationery are gifts, so the children's clothes are more than I have. After all, the whole family is such a child and all the love is poured on him."

Trend 3: Online shopping After the 11th holiday, Taobao announced some of the hot sales data during the 11th period. From the trading volume rankings, children's wear products traded 2.36 million pieces, ranking seventh in trading volume. After 80, parents have now become the main force of children's clothing online shopping, and they are keen to shop online. Online shopping has become the main shopping method for the new generation of 80's parents, and the growth rate of this kind of consumers is increasing geometrically and the market space is difficult to calculate. Cheap and fashionable styles are the two most important reasons why they choose to buy children's clothes online. Nowadays, parents like new exotic products since the 80s. Because of the special advantages of the Internet, many of the clothes that cannot be purchased at the stores can be easily found online by parents.

Trend four: children's wear adult sequins, rivets, metal chain, leopard, vest, hanging neck, halter ... ... adult fashion elements can be found in children's clothing products.

Today, adult style clothing is appearing in children's clothing. The mother of an 8-year-old daughter told reporters that children's clothes with a very fashionable design are very appealing to children, and even adults are very fond of it. However, she said that the quality of this kind of clothing may not be suitable for children. When choosing, they will seriously consider this, and occasionally buying one or two pieces is still possible. Lace, beads, waist design and other commonly used elements of fashion, a large number of children's wear, and even the emergence of high-heeled children's shoes, and suspenders, sequins skirts, leopard tights and other hot children's clothing is like an adult The "squeeze version" of the section, a popular element in adult clothing, has hit a large number of children's clothing designs, with a degree of fashion comparable to that of adults.

The improvement of the living standards and fashion aesthetic standards of young parents is an important reason for the adultization of children's clothing. However, clothing should improve children's physical and mental health while enhancing the sense of design. How to improve the children's wear design level on the premise of benefiting the child's healthy growth is the real question worth considering.

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