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The printing element of the summer of 2014 came strong and quickly became an enduring fashion trend. What will be popular in the summer of 2015? As a new generation of fashionista, to lead the walk in the forefront of fashion. As people just know the popularity of the season, you begin to prepare to start the next season's fashion single product, first to become the trend courier.


Summer 2015 new colorful, beautiful eye-catching. Personally eye-catching Romper festive red, all kinds of printing decoration, intricacies, visually gives a thin effect. Blue T-shirt, soft lace splicing, full range of literary children. High waist pants with a thin fashion.

2015夏季潮流抢先看 2015年还流行印花裙吗

Hanging neck dresses a bit sexy and elegant degree. Literary green printing naturally elegant. Filled with summer enthusiasm and vitality. Light texture, natural dip, whether it is workmanship or style, are advanced fashion. Fluorescent yellow T-shirt with a white skirt, beautiful sunshine, filling the charm.

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