Fashion children's wear exhibition, helping department store transformation

At present, traditional department stores are mainly based on joint ventures, but with the “recovery” of self-operating, the operation mode of buying a hand-made system is regarded as a direction of transformation and development by many department stores. In the management of fashionable children's wear, traditional department stores can boldly try their own fashion buyers to avoid homogenization leading to reduced competitiveness.

However, in recent years, the development of the buyer system in China has not been smooth. For instance, foreign Galeries Lafayette department stores and Hong Kong-owned Lane Crawford have suffered setbacks after their entry into the country. Industry insiders say that the buying system is not acceptable in China, because the local consumers have different familiarity with the brands that buyers choose. Second, China has not yet formed a mature buyer training model, lacks insight and ability to buy. Hand resources. In addition, due to the lack of fashion sense and attractiveness of shop design, there are a number of department store children's clothing stores that have lost their customers.

Faced with a variety of problems, how can traditional department stores cultivate a group of qualified buyers and establish a fashion children's clothing brand self-operated shop so that every shop-going consumer can stop and eventually form a purchase?

On July 22-24 this year, China's first fashion children's wear exhibition - Cool Kids Fashion (hereinafter referred to as CKF) was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. During this period, the well-known fashion children's wear brands from 0-16 years old will present a grand fashion children's clothing feast to buyers, retailers and fashion buyers around the world. It is worth mentioning that three keynote speeches will be held at the exhibition site, "Sharing Children's Wear Buyer Mentor Sharing Meeting", "Design of Visual Marketing System for Fashion Children's Wear Stores," and "Fashion Trend of Children's Wear in Autumn/Winter 2015/2016". According to the CKF organizers, the speech invited Steve, Executive Director of the Hong Kong Fashion Buyers Association, Shaun Armstrong, the shop's visual design master, and Mr. Massimo Carminati, director of trend and fashion project of Peclers Paris. It is reported that since 2009, Mr. Steve has started to introduce Hong Kong's fashion buyer operating system and Hong Kong's international procurement model to mainland China, and has trained a large number of cutting-edge buyers in Shenzhen and Shanghai. Mr. Shuan has 25 years of experience in visual merchandise display management in the fashion retail industry. He has a unique understanding of the international pop window design style. Mr. Massimo, a French company with more than 40 years of experience in trend forecasting and style consulting, can effectively predict fashion trends, decipher future consumer aesthetic preferences, and provide practical operational style suggestions. I believe that the speeches of the masters will bring unexpected inspiration and inspiration to the future fashion children's clothing business of traditional department stores.

All along, China's traditional department stores have played a "secondary landlord" role. However, when e-commerce companies "immense the ban" and operating costs continue to rise, traditional department stores should change their roles in a timely manner. They should seek innovative business operations centered on expanding gross profit margins and achieve their own sustainable development by turning around.

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Cool Kids Fashion (Shanghai Fashion Children's Wear Fair), sponsored by UBM plc, brings together the world's 0-16-year-old fashionable children's wear brand, which is in sync with international fashion trends. It is a top-notch children's wear fashion event that cannot be missed.

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