Jade jewelry wearing etiquette


Priority must be given to whether it is suitable for oneself and whether it can be used to avoid weaknesses.

When you wear jewelry, the number of items is still small, the less the better.

The so-called homogeneity is that the texture of multiple pieces of jewelry required to be worn at the same time should be the same in all or part.

The rules for wearing jewelry are divided into two categories. One is that in some countries, the wearing of the ring finger of the left hand in some countries generally indicates that the wearer is "married." The second is the combination of jewelry and wearing skills.

Jade articles have different meanings depending on the motifs and shapes of the carvings, and the groups suitable for wearing are also different. In ancient times, people believed that Pei Yu could avoid the evil. "Evil spirits" is a legendary animal. The craftsmen used to carve the shape of a lion. The wings are added to show that it is different from the lion. "Jade evil spirits" is obviously a metaphor to bring auspiciousness.

At the same time, it is also necessary to remind the jade person that the jade that is worn on the chest is not suitable for too big, and is not suitable for a pointed shape. The jade worn at the waist is not suitable for too small, and it is not suitable for objects that are too finely carved. Otherwise, the habitual disk touch will damage the hands and objects.

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