Hangar Design Group Brings Italian Design to China

Hangar Design Group is an Italian diversified design and communications company. It won numerous awards in the field of industrial design and construction projects in the thirty years since its establishment. The purpose of the company from the beginning of creation is to develop different business, communication, printing, design, retail, industrial design and brand strategy under the same brand. Hangar Design Group has more than 40 employees today. They are located in Europe, Asia and the Americas. The Hangar Design Group has become an international entity.

Hangar Design Group Brings Italian Design to China

Hangar Design Group Brings Italian Design to China

SUNDIVINA Opens in Hangzhou

SUNDIVINA's first flagship store in Hangzhou is completely Can represent the elegance and refinement made in Italy. The flagship store is located in Hangzhou Tower, one of the most luxurious shopping malls in China. The unique interior design perfectly highlights the charm of contemporary luxury brands. The entire project is managed and implemented by the Hangar Design Group.

Hangar Design Group Brings Italian Design to China

Hangar Design Group has designed a brand identity project for SUNVINA. SUNVINA is a well-known Hong Kong brand and specializes in Italian-made products.

Hangar Design Group Brings Italian Design to China

SUNVINA commissioned Hangar Design to develop a new brand image to best interpret the company's philosophy.

SUNVINA brand image

Hangar Design has designed a brand LOGO for its brand system, developed the necessary communication tools, and arranged for the new product to be filmed in Milan.

REBECCA Shanghai Store

Hangar Design does store design for famous wig brand REBECCA. The shop is located in a historic building in Shanghai, and the design maintains the original design concept of the building. It also integrates the elements of elegance and the latest fashion trends in the atmosphere of contemporary art.


Hangar Design pioneered a new global jewelry retail concept. Change the concept to focus on the use of light and shiny elements. The used exhibition materials use round objects to reflect the light, the main theme of the color is white and silver gradient. Make jewelry look like it is floating in the air.

GEOX Shop Design

Hangar Design is responsible for the display and visual design of the GEOX flagship store, creating a new communication concept for the brand.

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